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Quality Assurance

We’re frequently asked how quality assurance works at at random international. How quality checks are executed, how quality can be guaranteed or what kind of quality standards are applied.

First of all, we work in accordance with ESOMAR guidelines, those of national asocciations such as ADM and BVM .

A professional realisation and analysis which meet the expectations of the German Data Protection Act, and which lead to a usable result, are self-evident.

We do not only conduct checks after a survey is finished but also while it is in the field, - making use of such tools as VOXCO-modules, like Monitoring, as well as other CATI software our customers stipulate. Single interviews are monitored by logging directly on to the conversation and/or by following them on the screen. An average of 30% of all interviews done in the studio are monitored.

Our customers have the option to download single recorded interviews and check how we work at at random international.

In addition our WEBCATI-Surveys allow the use of special Reporting Tools to monitor our interviewers’ efficiency, for example how many interviews were done per hour, how many (fixed) appointments were arranged, how many contacts refused to participate, how long every interview took etc.

Our studio doesn’t have interviewer cublicles . We want to create transparency and a good atmosphere where interviewers feel comfortable about working. According to our interviewers’ feedback, “not having these cold grey boxes around you“ is very much appreciated.

Last but not least, our interviewers get paid appropriately. Although this is an expensive element, we can be sure they are being constantly motivated, working accurately and likely to return in the future.



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