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Our in-house CATI studio in Schenefeld near Hamburg has 80 modern CATI workstations. From here, our pool of 1200 Telephone interviewers is calling around the world. With native speakers from more than 40 countries, we are well equipped conduct your national and international surveys.

People call Hamburg “Gateway to the world”.
Could there be any better place for our international CATI studio to reach people on the phone in almost every corner of this world?

Our skilled interviewers survey a wide range of target groups for you, such as physicians, IT-professionals, executives and many more.

As one of the first CATI studios founded in Germany, we conduct over 60.000 interviews every year.

  • B2B and B2C interviews
  • CATI interviews
  • WEBCATI interviews
  • Telephone interviews Pen& Paper Interviews
  • Skilled interviewers for different types of depth interviews


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sample_right_weltkugel_colorAround the world, 24/7.
Interviewer from 44 different countries.
sample_right_cati_color80 CATI-Stations in Schenefeld / Hamburg.
The gateway to the world
CATI System
sample_right_voxcoI. a. we use the CATI-Software Virtual CallCenter by VOXCO.
Hotline (+49)
sample_right_telephoneTel: (040) 83 93 48 0 FAX: (040) 83 93 48 20


Tel: (+49) (0) 40 83 93 48 0


Fax: (+49) (0) 40 83 93 48 20









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